Our Products

Hollow Metal & Stainless Steel Doors

Customers have been asking for more and more doors, and we are continuing to expand our capabilities to deliver for you.  GARCINOX has been making artistic stainless architectural doors for you for over 20 years.  A few years ago, you started asking us to build industrial doors used in clean rooms, and we have delivered on the GARCINOX promise of quality.  

Now we hear you want GARCINOX to provide standard hollow-core metal doors that are common in commercial buildings.  We hear you and we’re expanding to deliver at great prices.  As a family business, we thank you for your continued trust.

Handrails, Guardrails & Ramps

For over 20 years, you have brought your wishes for fantastic artistry in handrail design and manufacturing.  Initially you asked for commercial handrails, and soon you asked for residential, so we adapted and delivered.  You know we love a challenge, especially with quality that competitors can’t match.  As a result of your ask, we have expanded to provide industrial handrails with quality up to that of industrial clean rooms. 

Art, Bridges, Tanks

With laser cutting, we can produce high volume or a single creation of art.

Metal pedestrian bridges.

Tanks for pharmaceutical, industrial and other industries.

Government, Incl. Secure & Sensitive


-Multi-Youth Center, Fort Buchanan, PR.    

-Dos Hermanos Bridge Railings, PR.

-US Navy Base Improvements, Vieques, PR.  

-Dept of Corrections, PR.


-Supreme Court of PR.                                   

-Sala Sinfonica of PR.


-Paseo Baldorioty Guardrailing                     

-Edificio Sala Sinfonica

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