GARCINOX, the BEST architectural metalcrafters in the Caribbean.

The Capabilities You

Need to Succeed!


GARCINOX launched in 2003 for metal fabrication and quickly earned a reputation for high-quality stainless steel work.  GARCINOX is a family business and we welcome you to our family.  For 20 years, GARCINOX has been your metal fabrication partner, and we thank you for your trust in every project. With our strong 36-year construction background, we clearly understand the needs of our customers, which we provide from our 15,000 SF facility.  We look forward to serving you for the next 20 years.  

GARCINOX has the greatest range of
quality to offer.

Because we offer premium quality options that competitors can’t produce, GARCINOX provides you with the broadest range of options.  We’re your go-to partner for all your metals needs!

Why Work With Us


On-Time service, outstanding quality & reliability made in the USA.

Over 36 years’ experience in metals fabrications and construction and industries.

1% failure rate versus 10-20% failure rate of leading competitors.

3-Year Warranty on most products.


Unsurpassed quality, like invisible welds.


Agreement through the process.

Adapt to You

We Accommodate Change Orders.


Award winning results.

GARCINOX, where metalwork is an art.

With products like flawless Clean Room Doors, you deserve the best. You Deserve GARCINOX.

We're Ready To Help You Redefine What You Think Is Possible.