About Us

For years, leading architects and discerning business owners in the Caribbean told the owners of GARCICON, a construction company, that no premium metal fabrication existed in the Caribbean, especially for stainless steel, and orders had to be made with companies on the U.S. mainland.  To meet this unmet demand for regional high quality, GARCINOX launched in 2003. 

GARCINOX quickly earned a reputation for high-quality stainless steel work. With our strong 36-year construction background, we clearly understand the needs of our customers, which we provide from our 15,000 SF facility. Products are proudly Made in the USA.

Leading architects and other customers asked for welds so perfect that weld spots were invisible, and GARCINOX delivered.  They wanted perfect cuts, and GARCINOX responded with solutions including high-power lasers.  To meet your demand for excellence GARCINOX continues to grow and we are grateful to be celebrating our 20th year.  We thank you.

Excellence doesn’t just happen.  Excellence is about adherence to rigorous standards and exacting process management.  This page is dedicated to our customers, and on this page we’ll share a few images of production and installation, so you can see what projects look like before the beauty of the final product is revealed.

Our Vision

Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of GARCICON Construction, GARCINOX continued GARCICON’s history of premium work.  For 20 years GARCINOX has been delivering quality metal products and services comparable to anywhere else in the world.  

"We're ready to help you redefine what you think is possible. We deliver the best to you, every time."
Daniela Garcia - GARCINOX President

Management Team

Daniela Contreras Garcia


Jose Maria Garcia

Vice President

Jim Hamilton

Program Management Director

At a Glance


DUNS: 800036910

NAICS: 332321, 332322, 332323, 333515,332420

SAM.: Yes

Minority-owned: Yes

Woman-owned: Yes

Payment and performance bond capacity: $2 million

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Common Questions

why should I choose Garcinox?

We offer customers a combination of product design, engineering, rapid prototyping and manufacturing services using advanced technology, including 3D laser welding.

Is there a story behind the name "Garcinox"?

GARCINOX is a blend of the family name “Garcia” and “inox”, which is stainless steel, generally thought of as the most challenging metal.  We provide the highest quality work and proudly stand behind our family name.

What is your contact information?

Please see our Contact Us page.

How can I get directions to garcinox?

The Contact Us page has a Google Map with GARCINOX as the destination.  Simply click on “Directions” in the upper left of the map.

What ABOUT Warranty?

GARCINOX typically offers a 3-year warranty on most products.  We’re happy to discuss other durations.

What are the advantages of Laser welding?

  1. Laser welding is fast and efficient.
  2. Laser welding minimizes the need for post-welding grinding or finishing.
  3. Laser welding is cost-effective.
  4. Laser welding uses focused, high-intensity heat transfer application.
  5. Laser welding creates strong joints comparable to those produced by manual welding.

We're Ready To Help You Redefine What You Think Is Possible.